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Dakota Sprint Pages


Dakota Area Sprint Skins

Here are some skins made by Lonnie Nichols of sprint cars seen weekly at the tracks in our area. These skins will not require you to have the "xfont" file installed in your DTRSC folder. I did this because not everyone is familiar with installing optional files into DTRSC.

To install, open Windows Explorer, go to Program Files/Ratbag/Dirt Track Racing-Sprint Cars/data and click on new folder from the file menu in the upper left corner. Rename this new folder skins. Unzip and extract each skin file to this folder, using WinZip.

DTRSC Sprint Skins

  Driver Name Car #  
  Greg Bakker 11x Download
  Gary DeWall 16 Download
  Jeremy Kasten 10 Download
  Justin Henderson 83 Download
  Kenny Hansen 4 Download
  Chuck McGillvray 101 Download
  Randy Nygaard 63 Download
  Terry Reilly '99 69r Download
  Randy Rosenboom 14R Download
  Terry McCarl 55 Download
  Terry McCarl '99 24 Download
  Chad Meyer 1W Download
  Chad Radel 25 Download
  Terry Reilly 3 Download
  Terry Reilly 360 3TW Download
  Wade Nygaard 9 Download
  Matt Wasmund 4w Download
  Jake Peters 57 Download
  Curt Lund 87 Download

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